Venezuela: the silenced truth

Questo articolo è ospitato da The Bottom Up in lingua originale, infatti è stato scritto per noi da Vincente Blanco, nato a Caracas, Venezuela e oggi studente di scienze politiche in Francia. Abbiamo deciso di proporre anche una versione tradotta in italiano dell'articolo, disponibile al seguente link.

In 1998, Venezuela elects a new government amidst a political crisis, politicians were regarded as incapable of delivering solutions and parties were discredited. The country turned its eyes to candidates that were far from the political scene believing that the lack of experience was the solution to a problem that the experienced ones were no longer capable of solving. As a result, a democratically elected regime dramatically changed the dynamics of the country, taking control of public spaces step-by-step until becoming what it is today.

Changes to the constitution allowed unlimited reelection. Also, members of the supreme court of justice are appointed by hand as well as the elections council (CNE), and the president of the National Assembly. All of them must publicly sing the chorus “Patria, Socialismo o Muerte” to gain the respect of the government and remain in power, militaries were also obliged to support the party in power to complete the power puzzle Venezuelans face today. Not satisfied with obtaining all public spaces, the government has in the last 15 years managed to intimidate the media, expropriate channels, enterprises, buildings and farms in the name of the “people”, ultimately silencing the voices of millions of Venezuelans.

This is a photo of Leopoldo Lopez incarceration, February 18th. 2013

But there is a reason behind this thorough campaign seeking to silence each possible public space, not allowing the world to know the truth. And the truth is that corruption has destroyed every part of our country, because even with the high oil prices and the revenues received each year, accounting for 60 billion dollars, they were not capable of transforming the country. This lack of capacity to bring welfare has been compensated with oppression.

The truth that can’t be informed is that inflation reached 57% last year and a minimum wage of 3500 Bolivares can no longer buy food for a month at price 9800 Bolivares. Our currency has devalued more than 800% in real terms and the government is hiding this with currency exchange restrictions, at the same time, 24.000 crimes occurred in the country in 2013 and only 1 of every 10 crimes finds justice. While all this happens, the so-called socialists accumulate more wealth than the best paid CEO’s according to Forbes Magazine.

Some days ago, the Minister for Education clearly stated: “We are not going to take people out of poverty so they become middle class and join the opposition”, sending the clear message that they need people to be poor so they can spend less resources in the crumbs that make the votes happen. It is the revolution of poverty, disguised of hope and the idea of a better nation, one that is far from existing.

Venezuelans were forced to take sides as former president Chavéz stated: “You are either with me, or against me”. And this one-sided “democracy” developed into this monster of promises, however, lack of food in the supermarkets and violence, which has been blamed to an opposition that has no media to fight back, have made the people take the last resort at hand: the streets. After one month of protests, more than 1100 people have been incarcerated, including political leaders, people have been tortured and 25 students have lost their lives, as protest increase, the regime has increase intimidation and repression. It seems like it will be a long path to freedom and democracy, but as the now incarcerated opposition leader said: “We are at the right side of history".

Vincente Blanco

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